Where to Find Insurance for Physicians

Where to Find Insurance for Physicians

As a doctor, you need disability insurance that offers true “own specialty” protection. But after all, medicine is your specialty – you’re not an insurance expert! You’re probably thinking, where can I get “own specialty” disability insurance? What’s the right kind of insurance for a doctor’s practice?

Finding the right disability insurance carrier is key, because not all carriers offer policies that protect your most important asset, which is, of course, your ability to work in your own chosen medical specialty. Not all of them provide the financial protection you’ll need if you ever have to file a claim. Insurance for physicians should meet several important requirements, and you should easily be able to find your questions online.

Free Quotes

Quotes should be easy to get without excessive paperwork or forms that will have you wasting your time. Physicians often already have a crazy schedule, finding an insurance plan shouldn’t add to it.

Easy Info

Nobody wants to sort through a bunch of irrelevant information. Look for sites that are well-organized, easy to understand and navigate. That way you know you’ll always be able to find the answers you need.

Full Monthly Benefits

You should look for policies that provide full monthly disability benefits, even if you’re working in a field other than your specialty, and regardless of your income.

Non-Cancellable & Guaranteed

Furthermore, you should look for disability policies that are non-cancellable and guaranteed renewable to the age of 65. This way you can rest assured that your income will always be protected.


Your policy should give you residual disability benefits and provide base monthly benefits for its duration.

Of course, you may be concerned that policies which offer this desirable protection will be expensive, and in some cases this may be true. This is why it’s important to comparison shop and find the strongest benefit package for your money. You want to sign on the dotted line with a company that really understands and fulfills your needs. Don’t be afraid to demand the best—your work deserves it.