Thank you for responding to the letter you received from us regarding the discount you are eligible to receive for own specialty disability insurance because of your affiliation with the hospital listed on your letter. Let us provide you with a range of quotes and discounts from all 6 disability insurance carriers that offer own specialty coverage today.

For a more detailed quote it is important that when you are done you click the button for us to email you a quote or you take a moment to set up an appointment with one of our licensed agents.  Based on the information you supply us there might be additional savings that are not represented in the quote ranges you are about to view.  Quote Ranges can vary based on your specific income, existing group or individual coverage you may already have in place, coverage riders and specifics that you chose, and the exact monthly benefits you are eligible to receive.

Average Hospital Discount Comparison:

Example is based on a 40 year old Male Internist.  Benefit Amount is for 10,000 a month in coverage.  Elimination period of 90 days.  Benefit Period to the age of 67.  3% simple interest option COLA.  The best residual rider was added.

Based on the quote range below this physician Saved $77,274 over the course of his career simply because of the multi-life discount he is eligible to receive through his hospital affiliation.


My Discount

The above quote range represents a comparison for “TRUE OWN SPECIALTY” disability insurance.  Own Specialty disability insurance is defined as: A sickness or injury that prevents you from performing the material and substantial duties of your medical specialty.  You are still considered totally disabled and eligible to receive your full disability benefit even if you continue to work in another specialty/ occupation or if you are still working in your medical specialty but in a different capacity.

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