Why Choose Us?

We only work with doctors and understand how valuable your time is. Your ability to earn an income in your specialty is your most valuable asset, and unlike most other white collar professionals, disability coverage is most important to those in the medical field. With all the hard work, years of education and training; you owe it yourself to protect what you have worked so hard to accomplish. By purchasing Individual Own Specialty Disability Insurance through Doctor Disability Shop, we will provide you with an apples to apples comparison from all the carriers and show you the differences in contracts & coverages. Since our expertise lie in the area of disability risk management, we can help you determine the risks to your career, your practice and your financial future.

Not All Disability Insurance Is Equal

We only work with the insurance carriers that offer doctors “true specialty” products. We are experts in the insurance underwriting process. We will get you through the underwriting process with ease with the least disruption to your every day schedule by laying out the process up front and offering you white glove service the whole way through. Because we have been at it so long, our doctors will also be able to cash in on discounts of up to 50% that we have established along the way! Begin protecting yourself and your practice today with a specialty specific disability insurance plan.