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How Much Disability Insurance do i qualify for?

Physicians always ask how much disability insurance they should have.  In most professions you are allowed to have a total of 60% of your adjusted gross income protected with individual disability insurance.  Attached to this post is a chart of the amount of individual coverage a physicians is eligible for based on his/her income.  These […]

Disability Insurance For Doctors

As a physician, your most valuable asset is your continued ability to perform the every day duties of your medical specialty allowing you to continue to work and earn an income. 4 years of school for an undergraduate degree, 4 years of Medical School and 3 to 7 years of residency/training… There is no other […]

2 Great Disability Insurance Riders

As a doctor, you don’t like to think about the possibility that you could ever be disabled, or even lose the ability to work in your chosen specialty. But to work as a doctor is to see this happen every day in the lives of other people. If an accident or illness were to happen […]

Are There Recovery Benefits with Disability Insurance?

Disability Insurance is an important way to protect yourself and your family from going into an economic crisis in the event that you become disabled or ill. These insurance programs pay out a cash benefit while you are unable to work. However, if you are concerned about your ability to get back on your feet […]

Financial Advice for Doctors

Preparation is key in the life of a medical professional. Doctors spend their college years preparing for exams, their years in residency preparing for patients, and by the time they arrive at their working years, it’s time to start preparing for retirement. Some doctors experience financial turmoil as young adults, accumulating loans and bills as […]

What Every Physician Should Know About Disability Insurance

Traditionally, physicians are a financially conservative group. They ensure that life and health insurance are securely in place, manage investments wisely and plan for a golden retirement. However, more often than not, they may unwittingly put themselves in harm’s way by overlooking or under-planning for the ramifications of a disabling illness or injury. What if […]

Why Physicians Should Look For Disability Insurance Outside of the American Medical Association

If you are a physician then chances are you have received solicitation from the American Medical Association (AMA) to purchase disability insurance using their name through US Life. Remember from all our other blogs that the Physicians and Dentists purchase disability insurance more than any other white collar professional. This is because you have been […]

North Western Mutual’s Disability Insurance Product for Doctors

We have all heard the hype. Yes, Northwestern Mutual has excellent ratings and their brand name is impressive. But that doesn’t mean you should be confused about what own specialty disability insurance really means.   Own Specialty is defined as:   “Own Specialty or Totally disabled means that, due to sickness or injury, you are not able […]

Multi-Life Discount Letter from Doctor Disability Shop

Many physicians receive letters from Doctor Disability Shop outlining the multi-life discount available on individual disability insurance for doctors. In order to receive the discount, the doctor must be on staff or have privileges at one or more designated hospitals or medical centers that we have set up. This is a terrific benefit, as it […]