AAUCM Members Exclusive Disability Insurance Discount

The Doctor Disability Shop is a full service independent insurance agency providing insurance products designed specifically for the needs of Urgent Care physicians. Though our affiliation with the AAUCM you are now eligible to receive discounts for your Own Specialty Disability Insurance and Business Overhead Disability Insurance. The Doctor Disability Shop also specializes in other areas of planning such as: Disability Buy Out, Life Insurance, Health Insurance and retirement planning.


Average AAUCM Member saves $215.00 per month through membership!

Non-AAUCM Members pay an average of $62,000 more over the life of their policy!

Own Specialty Disability Insurance

Your most valuable asset is your continued ability to perform the duties necessary to work as an Urgent Care Physician.

Own Specialty Disability Insurance protects you from sickness or injury that limits your ability to perform the duties of an Urgent Care Physician without restricting you from continuing to work in another occupation.

Only 6 insurance carriers still offer Own Disability Specialty Insurance and the Doctor Disability Shop works with them all.

Through your membership with the AAUCM you are eligible to receive an exclusive discount on your Own Specialty Disability Insurance!